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I currently have a program in place for singles/couples/Families whom are interested in a puppy but don't want to pay full price.  The way it works, is I have held back a couple of potential show/breeding puppies.  I GIVE them away to their share owners in exchange for that owner allowing me to breed the dog 2-3 times at my expense with the puppies belonging to me. Thus I basically have the dog for 7 weeks a year starting at the age of 2.  We split the cost of an insurance policy and I take care of all vaccinations and prenatal care till the dog retires.  You are required to keep the dog in good weight, and coat thru the show process.  Once the dog has completed showing, the dog can be put into a puppy cut. After the litters the dog is solely turned over to you as long as their has been no breech in contract.  Owners must live within a few hours of me though.   If you are interested, fill out the application and please give me a call.

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