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I am Janet, the creator of Yuppy Puppy Havanese. My first Havanese was a gift to my son 24 years ago, from there we were hooked. A year and a half later we got our second, Katie & and so on, and so on... We began showing when Katie was about 6 months old and priorities each generation and each breeding just keeps getting better and better. I have since lost track of the number of Champions... However I still remember the highlights.. I am a 3 time Westminster Winner, more than any other Havanese Breeder Ever, had the #1 dog on multiple years, Won best bred by multiple times at the Eukanuba National Championship. I have taken winners dog at the National 4 times...and had the first Havanese to acquire and OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) and the First Havanese to a RATN (Barnhut) title. I have even put Rally and Agility titles on my dogs. I guess not to bad for someone learning from the ground up. It has become very important to me to see the breed be well rounded. I was a founding charter member of both the Tropical Havanese Club and the Mid Florida Havanese Club, serving on both boards as corresponding secretary. In past years I have also served both clubs as the Specialty Show Chairman. Currently I belong to the Central Carolina Havanese Club. We live on the Treasure Coast, just north of Palm Beach, FL conveniently located to all of Florida, putting us within 2 hours of pretty much all major cities. 



Yuppy Puppy

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